A page about me, my experience, what I do and what I like.


Hey! :)

I am Anastasiia, a Senior Product Designer and Researcher with 6 years of experience. In the past years, I have been working in R&D in various companies and studios, and am currently employed at a design and development agency in Brixton, London.

I am an advocate for research driven design, and create design solutions that are backed up by data and validated by usability testing and success metrics. I love crafting experiences that matter, and really appreciate teamwork and collaboration.

I have two Masters degrees – in Communication Design and Cognitive Linguistics, which allows me to apply different research methodologies in my work.

With my passion for immersive tech, I have also been participating in side research and design projects for different VR studios. My blog on usability and UX design in VR is available to take a look at here: https://medium.com/@anastasiiaku.

Check out my CV here.