Gamesys | Customer Support

Optimising customer experience while contacting support for players of Gamesys’ ventures.

customer support - prototype - desktop

Gamesys | Customer Support



1. A large amount of players are forced to leave the game when trying to contact support, which breaks their gaming experience and leaves them frustrated.

2. After landing on the Help Centre site, a large percentage of users struggle to find information they are looking for, as well as have difficulties contacting support via chat or phone.


1. Create a contextual support experience, integrated onto the side panel, to allow users search for information, as well as contact support, without leaving the game experience.

2. Improve Information Architecture of the Help Centre pages to promote the ability to find needed information easy and quickly.


UX (Gamesys);
UI (Gamesys);
3d party development company.

My responsibilities in this project included:

  • conducting usability evaluation, user research, market research, and data analysis of the previous CS solutions;

  • running card sorting and tree testing exercises to improve Information Architecture;

  • creating user flows, wireframes, and site maps;

  • project coordination and manual QA on the side of Gamesys.


Conducting user research as well as usability evaluation of previous Help Centre solutions pointed out major pain points consistent throughout all ventures, namely:

  1. Non-optimised non-responsive mobile experience;

  2. Inconsistent navigation throughout the sites;

  3. Unclear labelling of categories and pages;

  4. Many pages were duplicated throughout the site;

  5. Content couldn’t be filtered or searched through easily;

  6. Unclear categories and content grouping.

To fix the issues, we started off with information architecture and content strategy. I ran a few rounds of open and closed card sorting exercises, after which defined content and categories labelling and grouping.

Following card sorting, I conducted market research to explore and categorise currently acceptable options for customer support. I concentrated on parallel action support, where searching through help and chatting to the support agent would not disrupt from the main user experience. Taking into consideration best usable practices, as well as business needs and technical possibilities, I wire-framed and prototyped a few solutions to run quick in-house usability testing:

Customer support - wireframes
customer support - prototype

After a series of in-house testing and iterating on the results, we finalised the flows and the look for the desktop side panel and mobile experience. UI designer then adapted the look to match with the brand guidelines for each venture.

We then collaborated with the 3d party development company, who built the product for us and integrated it for HeartBingo, and Virgin Games.

customer support - prototype - desktop
customer support - prototype - desktop1
customer support - prototype - desktop2

Company: Gamesys

Ventures: VirginGames, VirginBet,  HeartBingoJackpotjoy, and Botemania

Role: Research, UX design, Project coordination, Manual QA

Tools: Adobe XD, Omnigraffle