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Digital Detox | MarineLife Dolphin Registry

Creating UX and UI for the registry of White Beaked Dolphins that inhabit the English Channel to help create conservation area for the species.


Digital Detox | MarineLife Dolphins Registry



MarineLife is a UK based research, education and conservation charity conducting scientific surveys of whales, dolphins and seabirds in the English Channel, North Sea and the Bay of Biscay. Digital Detox partnered up with MarineLife for their research project to monitor and research the population of White-Beaked Dolphins in the English Channel.

In this project, we were tasked to:

  1. Create an optimised experience for researches to submit and store encounters of White-Beaked Dolphins;

  2. Encourage submission of footage from the public;

  3. Encourage sponsorship for the research project.


To understand the problem, we researched the currently existing ways to submit encounters, dolphin individuals identification processes, as well as the catalogue of dolphins. We ran a workshop with the MarineLife researches to dive in more into their pain-points of conducting research and surveys. This exercise pointed out a number of findings to be addressed:

  1. The submitting an encounter process is completely manual, and conducted in a spreadsheet;

  2. Matching dolphin individuals process is manual;

  3. Running surveys is very costly.

Taking these and the currently existing registry into consideration, I proceeded with creating an information architecture, a site map, and wireframes.

The interactive prototype can be viewed here.

Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 13.15.22.png
New encounter form
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Mobile Interactions

While most of the research users would access the service via desktop, we anticipate that the public user might access the website through their mobile phones. This is why we decided to create a visually sleek mobile experience to draw more attention from people interested in marine creatures to help the research:

Subtle motion on Menu, hero image and scroll

Subtle motion on Menu, hero image and scroll

Explaining how one can become a contributor

Explaining how one can become a contributor

About the project and Menu sections

About the project and Menu sections

Submit an encounter form

Submit an encounter form


Company: Digital Detox

Client: MarineLife

Team: Full-stack developer, PM, Designer

Role: Research, UX design, UI design

Date: April - May 2019

Tools: Adobe XD