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The 7th Chamber | Incite Lab

Creating UX and UI for the social media insights dashboard

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The 7th Chamber | Incite Lab



Being a big player in the digital media world, The 7th Chamber wanted to release their own data analysis tool online.

I was tasked to:

  1. Analyse the previous Incite Lab’s usability, and create a new optimised experience for The 7th Chamber’s clients to be able to access insights for their running social media campaigns;

  2. Add a few levels of users like customer, admin, super admin.

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As a UX and UI designer, I worked closely with the stakeholders of the project.

My responsibilities in this project included:

  • conduct usability evaluation, market research, and data analysis of the previous Incite Lab experience;

  • improve Information Architecture;

  • create user flows, wireframes, and a site map;

  • create final UI.


Having collected business goals and main user needs, I conducted usability evaluation of the previous Incite Lab experience. This exercise presented us with about 30 findings, and pointed out major usability issues:

  1. Unclear Information architecture;

  2. Inconsistent navigation around the site;

  3. No easy way to search or navigate through content;

  4. No easy way to compare performances of different influencers.

Taking findings into consideration, I proceeded with creating a new information architecture and new a site map.

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After validating the IA with tree testing, I moved onto creating wireframes and prototypes for desktop and mobile devices: Invision wireframe prototype. The prototype allowed us to run quick testing with a few of clients to validate our design solutions.

To design UI and interactions, I had to incorporate The 7th Chamber’s brand guidelines, keeping the interface clean and displayed information clear.

Icite Lab Dashboard – 3.png
Icite Lab Dashboard – 1.png
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Explorations for mobile navigation interactions

Explorations for mobile navigation interactions

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Company: The 7th Chamber

Role: UX design, UI design

Date: June 2015 - December 2015

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Invision