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Vala Health | Usability Testing

Usability testing run for the Vala Healthcare service.

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Vala | Usability Testing


About Vala Health

Vala Health is a healthcare company designed to help people easily book an appointment with the GP, and get help immediately.

Usability Evaluation

When I joined the project in October 2018, I conducted usability evaluation of the Vala Heath app. The purpose of the exercise was the heuristic usability evaluation of the app, as well as creating hypotheses around it for their further validation with the usability testing.

Going through the evaluation exercise helped us detect a number of issues that could potentially influence the overall user experience of the app. The issues were grouped around 7 focus areas and there were formulated 6 hypotheses.

Usability Testing (Methodology)

We recruited 5 users to run testing on. I was moderating and recording each session, after which I analysed the recordings and documented findings.

  • All participants used their personal Android phones.

  • Sessions were recorded with DU Recorder.

  • Sessions were broken down into two phases: navigating around the site; and having an appointment with the clinician.

  • Sessions in Phase-1  took 15-25 min each.

  • Due to arrangement constraints, we ran only 2 Phase-2 sessions.

  • Both Phase-2 sessions were run on mobile and desktop.

To validate the 6 proposed hypotheses, as well as check usability in the highlighted focus areas, I defined the following test metrics:

  • Are users able to complete the task successfully?

  • What is the task completion rate according to the rating 0 - 3, where:

    • 0 - failed

    • 1 - struggled to complete

    • 2 - completed but with the second attempt, or alternative route, or had to think about how to

    • 3 - completed with no issues

  • How often does the usability problem occur?

  • How badly does it affect the user when it occurs?

  • How quickly can user learn to avoid the problem?


After going through tasks and collecting the feedback, I created a prioritisation matrix with task completion trends, and the severity of usability issues according to the established test metrics. I then identified critical, major, minor problems, as well as observations, ideas, and positive feedback:

  • 2 critical problems

  • 2 major problems

  • 12 minor problems

  • 7 observations

  • 9 positive feedback

  • 4 ideas

Based on the problems and user feedback, I provided UX recommendations, and suggested solutions which were later on implemented in our cross functional team.


The project had 36 usability findings. Recommendations around critical and major were taken into consideration and the fixes were implemented within 1 sprint. Further suggestions were put in the backlog and are planned to be implemented in near future.


Company: Digital Detox

Client: Vala Health

Role: Usability evaluation, Usability testing, Data analysis

Methodology: In-house usability testing